Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NEW PAINTING - "TWILIGHT" 20x16 oil on panel

"Twilight"  20x16  oil on panel

"Twilight" is a painting of a very special place in Colorado Bend State Park in central Texas.  I have done 2 large paintings and numerous small ones from places in this park on the Colorado River.  It is a unique place with wonderful memories of visits I have made there.  One very special memory is of a visit I made with my niece and very good friend, along with her youngest son, my great nephew.  These two are brilliant, and great students of nature and life, along with a raft of other subjects.  She is the only person I have ever known who actually reads the dictionary.  Anytime Jim and I have a question about anything - she is the one we call.  There is always an answer.

I followed behind these two on one of our expeditions to Colorado Bend, and was amazed at the commentary and discussions about the flora of the place as they hiked with their heads down, their eyes searching the ground for amazing undergrowth and rock formations.

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