Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Has Actually Sprung

This painting called "Crooked Little Box With Orchid Crown" was a delightful subject with shadows cast through open blinds in the studio in the fading day.

My niece brought me this crooked little box enclosing the wonderful fallen orchid. This bloom had run it's course and fallen unnoticed to the floor under a piece of furniture. It had been batted about by the cats for some time before it was retrieved. It's color was still wonderful and begged to sit atop the little box that had so carefully carried it.

It speaks of Resurrection to me and has been immortalized, in a sense, by being captured in this painting and revitalized with new life and meaning by this artist. Wow - that could be deep!

I hope you will enjoy. And yes! spring is here for sure and I look out my studio on hundreds of wonderful bluebonnets and other wildflowers. Spring does truly follow, no matter how long the winter or how deep the snow.

Blessings, SJ0