Monday, July 28, 2008


Many of my friends and clients may have an interest in some of the doings of the past few years. We moved my studio from Texas to New Jersey where I taught visual arts in the School of Interior Design of Berkeley College.  

The amazing experiences of a Texas gal up North:

- Jim and Aaron surprising me with a studio for my Christmas present in an art center across the Hudson River from Manhattan. 
- My Texas drawl being interpreted by  the folks of New Jersey and New York

- My attempt to interpret my students

- The wonderful artists and friends I worked with at the Monroe Center for the Arts

- Learning to navigate the subway, the path, the ferry, and some of the strangest and most wonderful people from all over the world and of all languages gathered onto an island

- Seeing first hand the Naked Cowboy who walks the streets of New York in his tidy whities, cowboy boots, and western hat.

- Eating real Italian food prepared by real Italians

From New York we moved the studio to East Tennessee.  East Tennessee and the southern highlands area had been one of my favorite painting regions for many years so our time there was wonderful and prolific.

From Tennessee we lived, painted and explored Arizona for several months before gravitating back home to Texas.  I painted the Texas Hill Country for years and now am pleased to plant my studio in Georgetown, Texas.

We are now officially Texans again with license plates and driver's license to prove it. 

My plan is to share paintings and thoughts from those times occassionaly as well as new works that are in progress and as they are completed.