Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greetings All Over Again

The artist's blogs I love to follow are the ones that are filled with, if not daily, then often, information about the personal workings of the artists, the subjects that move them and the plans that constitute their days. But here I am again, beginning again with a plan to produce a blog that will be a delight in your mailbox.
This plan is to spend some time recalling, remembering, restating, and revisiting some of the beloved rivers and creeks that have greatly informed my work for years. 

This painting, entitled "Making History",  a 24 x 48 oil painting, is one of my favorites, and belongs to one of my collectors and dear friends in New Jersey.  I visited this spot yesterday because I am painting a smaller painting of this same location.  This will be the 3rd or 4th painting I have produced over the years of this very special place in the Paluxy, in the Dinosaur Valley State Park at Glen Rose, Texas.  The Paluxy River is spring fed and winds its way for only 30 some miles until it mingles its waters with the Brazos River from Stephenville to Glen Rose in north central Texas.  Lying beneath its waters are footprints of the giants who once lived and died here.  To walk this river and paint these waters is like being a part of that history.  

So, I begin my river memories here with the Paluxi where I stood on a large limestone boulder in the middle of he river just yesterday and shed some tears over the wonder of my time with that river.

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  1. Awwww....It made a little sad thinking of you shedding tears in the middle of the river. I have floated down that river many times in an inner-tube.

    I love this painting - It is one of my very favorites!!!!!